Green has always caught my eye

What can be more eye-catching than nature itself? The beauty of the green grass, the hills and the valleys and the flowing streams.

I am a big fan of the environment simply because it provides sense to life, how could one survive without trees and water? I appreciate what my eye allows me to see and what my mind interprets as natural beauty. The untamed beauty that is everlasting and breath-taking. Oh! How I love trees and the grass. Everything about nature is sophisticated yet very confusing.

Growing up, I was always curios and worry of seasonal change and all that came with it. In my village, when it’s winter time, everything that’s colourful loses it’s touch. That natural eye-catching green leaf slowly loses it’s colour and fades away. I might have been too young to know the difference between different seasons but my grandmother was always helpful.what a wise woman she was. She would tell m how to notice when the season is changing,  when summer time came I’d see my favorite green grass growing and during the mornings, it normally looked more beautiful with a sharp green spark. And when the sun came out, it would lose the moist from the whole night and would look fresh and friendly.

I still don’t understand how one can fall so deeply in love with the nature, but I sure do know I am in love with it. If I were to choose between life of materialistic things and that which is made of nature only, I wouldn’t think twice. I’d go with the one full of nature because it gives me life, it gives me hope and most of all it gives me happiness.

I know this might not make sense to the next person butsometimes it takes a special kind of love to understand something. But, in a case of loving nature, it is a very simple unspoken rhetoric.

I have noticed over the days that seasonal change has started occurring. The son doesn’t shine as brighter as it was beginning of the year and the skies as clear as they are, they are no longer as blue as in January. I am not big on winter but I appreciate every seasonal change foe it brings that scientific theory about life, earth and the environmental change.

My love for nature has me thinking of pursuing a career in agricultural studies or nature conservation. After all, nature conservation was always my first choice albeit I couldn’t pursue a career in it, I have just realised it’s not too late. Let’s go Green and love everything Green.