Durban, South Africa

Bio: I am a qualified journalist who holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree attained from the Durban University of Technology. I am currently doing some freelance work for South Africa's youngest media outlet, the Daily Vox, Telling the stories of people to people through people. I am open to opportunities and my skills are not limited to online journalism but as someone who majored in broadcast, I consider myself as a multimedia journalist. Have been part of mobile journalism and a bit obsessed with technology. I have extraordinary passion for the environment and one day would love to become an envitonmental journalist. I love everything green and earthly. Nothing catches my eye than the beauty of nature, the beauty of hills and valleys and flowing rivers and the peace of the animals. I am also interested in tourism, I believe that the best way to explore and appreciate the beauty of the nature is through travelling accross the world. I love playing around with camera. Find my armature and published professional work here.

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